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15 décembre 2010 3 15 /12 /décembre /2010 13:08





This year marks a revolution in the eye liner art, 2011 hottest makeup trends are edgy, unique, and quite eye-catching to say the least. Who would have thought eyeliner worn grungy or like a football player would become one of the coolest trends? 

This year expect to see extreme cat eyes, bold lines underneath, smudged eyes, and an array of colors used such as turquoise, violet, two color combo, red liner, and even yellow and lime green are hot shades to look out for.



Eyeliner was big news for 2011 to give a vampish, feline look that adds glamour and sex appeal.

Bold eye makeup is no novelty during the glamorous fashion shows. However this year it seems that it enjoys a tremendous popularity due to the unusual application of various shades and textures.

Marc_Jacobs_eye_liner.jpg                              holiday-2010-makeup-for-ever-rocks-main.png

Eyeliners are used as real bpaint brushes to decorate the lids of models with the most creative and complex images and designs.












When classic perfectly applied black eyeliner bores you to death it’s not the reason to throw it out the window. Rather use it on both lids drawing effortless lines and smudge to achieve grungy look. Jean Paul Gaultier and Zac Posen created something ultimately unusual. 


jean paul gaultierfd thumb Jean Paul Gaultier 



Here you have two options, you can draw a thick line on your upper lid as on the Jean Paul Gaultier’s model and draw couple of lines on the lower lid, smudge them and add one clearer line. Note that the lash line is completely nude. Or you can start with a classic approach. Apply eyeliner as usual and add some color with shadow, and then draw couple of parallel lines on both lids. Don’t make them too perfect not to lose the grungy look.


If you miss summer and color then put your black eyeliner at rest and go for looks created by Giorgio Armani and Miu Miu. 


girgio armanijdj thumb   Giorgio Armani 


Choose some bright colors that would compliment your outfit and draw the eyebrow-like line under your brows. You can either choose to combine two colors in one line or draw a line above and below your eyes using different daring colors like did Miu Miu makeup artists.


miu miugff23 thumb Miu Miu























And one more eyeliner style you probably haven’t tried yet. Printed eyelids as seen during Fall/Winter 2010 Chanel fashion show. You can achieve this look by dotting your eyelids with smudgy eyeliner or take a piece of cloth, fishnets or lace, for example, and use as stencil. You can frame your upper eyelid with a sweep of eyeliner too, but it looks more dramatic with the half nude lower lid.


chanelgfdf_thumb.jpg Chanel 


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Mobile marketing trends 09/09/2016 10:22

A beautiful site by craft&noise !

Danielle 16/12/2010 10:50

Wow, great overview of all of the latest trends!  I still think I'll stick to the normal black liner on my lower and a little bit on my upper lid..I'm not brave enough to try these looks!
 I always feel like I'll look like a clown!  Great post, keep them coming!

Chanty 16/12/2010 10:56

I think these styles only goes for models and celebrities!! Don't think we can wear them everyday!!



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