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15 septembre 2010 3 15 /09 /septembre /2010 08:49




There was a fundraising event yesterday for the Lebanese Center For Human Rights, and it was the screening of "12 angry Lebanese" a documentary by Zeina Daccache and it was held at Metropolis Empire Sofil.


Over 15 months, Zeina Daccache, a theatre director, developed Lebanon’s first prison-based drama project so inmates at Roumieh Prison could present an adaptation of  Reginald Rose's courtroom play, Twelve Angry Men


You can watch the trailer here:




It was a nice documentary, showing the state of the prison from inside, the state of the prisoners when they have no goal and waiting to end their sentence.


So after the documentary, my friends and I  (we were 9 in total) went to Shtrumpf - Achrafieh branch since it was near Sofil and they were supposed to be having the "Beer Festival" from September 10 till 19.


When we got there and the waiter took our order, she didn't even tell us that the Beer festival was only in Jounieh, i knew about it from my Twitter friends JimRamK and Mallydobb .

And God this waiter was so unprofessional, you can't imagine how unprofessional she was.

She couldn't memorize our orders, who ordered normal beer or Mexican beer, and I have no clue why she didn't like me from the beginning. She didn't want to give my beer, nor gloves for my chicken wings 


The service was so bad on so many levels, like the food is here but no gloves to eat, the gloves are here the food was already cold. Where's my beer? I have no clue... after I dunno how much time my beer comes but in a broken glass!! I was like WTF ...but somehow I managed to stay calm!! Then i wanted a refill of my wings...hohooooo...it took like ages.....

We asked the waiter, what is taking you so long?

She replied: They are preparing them!

At this moment I couldn't hold myself anymore, BOUM   

She took my broken glass and changed it, then came my refill of hot potato wedges and chicken wings!

But after what? my mood was so not in Beer festival anymore 



I dunno what is happening in Shtrump, but I know they were much better before, and now they lost 9 customers!!


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  • Cosmetics freak, Beauty admirer, Fashion lover, Outdoor Activities spirited, Tea enthusiastic, Bachata passionate, left-handed & fun :)

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