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6 janvier 2011 4 06 /01 /janvier /2011 12:35



As we all know, there’s two ways of common transportation in Lebanon:


The bus: it can stop anywhere, anytime to pick passengers even in the middle of the high-way.

The service سرفيس  : (which is different from the taxi) you can stop them anywhere you are and go to your direction along with other passengers who are supposed to be going the same direction as you.


Since I still don’t have a car, I use most of the time the service to go to university, to meet friends… because I lost hope with buses. They really drive me mad; some of them really, really need maintenance not to talk about the weird drivers who are always fighting to see who’s catching the passenger first.


So since service is most of the time my ride, I would like to share with you some funny stuff that happen along the way.


It was a rainy night, I was coming back from university couldn’t find easily a service going my way until after about 10 minutes I found one.

He was listening to hichik bichik songs (got used to that) until he turns off the radio and I hear khchhh… the driver turned on his small TV fixed in front of him to watch his favorite show at 7h00 p.m.


OMG!! Could you imagine that? Driving while it’s raining and watching TV at the same time??

I was counting the minutes to reach home safely.



And guess what was the driver watching??

He was watching one of those English series translated to Arabic…Hilarious!! 


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Danielle 10/01/2011 13:48

Haha this is just too much!  I swear, it's always an adventure every time you take a service!  And yes, I know exactly what you're talking about with the buses..they are falling
apart!  I had to take one yesterday when I was waiting for a service in the rain..and the bus number 4 to Hamra passed by my office.  I could barely open and close the door, I felt so

Aline C 09/01/2011 10:29

That is funny but omg glad you made it home safe!!!

I feel your pain, I had to take the bus for a while and it's so frustrating! They randomly stop because the other bus only left 5 mins before, or they race with the other bus because it "passed"
him w medre shou. Gah Lebanon really needs to work on its public transportation systems!


Chanty 10/01/2011 11:18

& seriously!!! 

Maria 06/01/2011 15:04

LOl ,thanks for sharing ,this funny and scary story at the same time ,i am really so glad you reached safely home.and really hope that one day ,the drivers in lebanon will be more responsable
about their driving attitude ,because it is not only their lives ,its someone elses life they are putting in danger and it is not chatara like some people thing ,driving with ethics means being
more  educated .in a min our life can change ,and regrets have no place in that 60 second .


hamdullah ala salemeh Chanty

Chanty 06/01/2011 15:09

Yeah... one day we'll be a civilized country!!


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  • Cosmetics freak, Beauty admirer, Fashion lover, Outdoor Activities spirited, Tea enthusiastic, Bachata passionate, left-handed & fun :)

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