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15 janvier 2010 5 15 /01 /janvier /2010 08:20

Starting 2010, a new feature: Bloggers Face-off will be introduced to my blog, an idea that might be proactive yet entertaining.

As a face-off, two bloggers will answer to some quick questions and the results will be presented side by side. 

Before introducing the interview I would like to thank both Maya Zankoul from Maya's Amlagam   and Youssef Alam from Jobox , I could not imagine a better couple of bloggers to kick-off this project!


Youssef Alam







Maya Zankoul

Maya Zankoul



1- How long have you been blogging?

Since 2007

I started blogging in 2007 at http://theplacedesign.wordpress.com/, a blog about design with 2 of my friends at university. In Feb 2009 I felt the need to have my own space of expression, thus starting Amalgam. Next month is Amalgam’s 1st year birthday! J

2- How many hours per day do you dedicate to the blog?

30 minutes per week

Let’s say on total it’s an average of 1hr a day. I post every other day, the comic takes me about 1hr of drawing. The social media part of blogging (tweeting it, facebooking it, moderating comments) takes up 1hr per post as well. I don’t reply to comments on the blog because I unfortunately cannot afford to give more time than that. 

3- Has it been worth it so far?

For me. Yes! I like to speak my mind

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. This blog is the best thing that happened to me. It changed my life. It gave me an inner peace that I was failing to achieve ever since I moved to Lebanon 5 years ago. It has been a way of dealing with all the problems around me in a positive and constructive way.

4- How many page views does your blog get daily?

It depends the topic, from 1 to 48

On average I get 800 views per day, according to wordpress dashboard. On the other hand, I’d love to know more about Lebanese stats and how does this number compare to stats in Lebanon.

5- How many blogs do you have or write for currently?


Currently I write for Amalgam 99% of the time. I’m still on The Place blog but have not been active lately. I’ve also guest posted on Exotica’s Christmas Blog, and contributed to Qifa Nabki.

6- How many hours do you dedicate to them every day?

No idea it depends it can be 3 minutes or one hour, if it is in English am not that good in English.


7- Do you think one needs to post daily to be successful?

No I believe in quality

I would not say daily. Daily could even be too much info to grasp by the reader and might push them away. I would say post “regularly” because readers develop an attachment and with this attachment comes expectation. When they know you should be posting at a certain time and you don’t, it would be as if you’re letting them down. I get this feeling with the blogs I follow.

8- Is there an ideal posting frequency?


By experience, the ideal is 3 posts per week, distributed over the week. My personal ideal is MWF. I don’t post on weekends because I’ve noticed that it’s when people are least interested. I like my blog to be a small weekday escape from work.

9- What is the biggest blogging mistake you did?

I donno you have to tell me!

I can think of 2 mistakes right now. One is I had not added an “email subscription” link until yesterday :$ a reader pointed it out to me on Twitter so I immediately added it and learned how to do that in the process. Another main one, which I am sorry for, is that I did not know that the “alt” tag in images is needed for visually impaired people. A reader also noted to me on Twitter that his visually impaired friend is not able to read my comics because of that. So I need to find a way to re-add that “alt” tag to all the images from the beginning! This can take a lot of time!

10- What is the biggest mistake you see in blog designs?


The layout of the page of blogger

Hmm. Absence of contact of the author. I hate that. Disorganization in content management, i.e. no categories, no recent comments. Spelling mistakes, or typing mistakes. If the author is not taking the blog seriously enough to re-read him/herself, why should I take the time to read it? I guess those are the main ones. I also like to see a blogroll on blogs. It helps “place” the blog in a certain category of blogs.

11- Twitter is a distraction or a good promotional tool?

Twitter is great I like it better than face book, it is both actually

Twitter can easily be both. It depends on how and why you use it. I use it to keep in touch with my readers and get their live feedback, which is the reason why I originally signed up there. I do not use it for personal frustrations or detailed descriptions of what I’m eating or what I did during the day/night. I also enjoy following people who add to my way of thinking, from whose tweets I feel I can learn something. It can be a self-improving educational promotional tool, just as it can be a total distraction time-wasting tool. It’s all about your approach to it.

12- Do you think that any professional should have a blog?


Every person who has something to shout or to say should have a blog. I encourage everyone I know to blog in their own way. It’s a way of sharing your thoughts with the world, of informing other humans from the other end of the world about how we think over here. On the professional level it is also a way of showcasing your passion to your work and be a big plus on your CV. People get hired because of their blogs/tweets.

13- If you could give an advice for a novice blogger, what would it be?

Don’t post anything just to have a post everyday.

Perservere. Be authentic. Express your own thoughts and not others’.

14- What is the secret of your success, expressed in one word?

Am not successful


15- If you could write a post on any blog in the world, which one would you pick?


I focus on the Lebanese scene in blogging, so I would pick Hummus Nation. I love its concept, the way it’s maintained, the ideas it tackles and how they are tackled.

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click here for details 06/06/2014 14:20

I am not surprised by the fact that the column on the right has more content, as it is obvious that women speak more than men do. However, I am quite impressed with their dedication to blogging. All the best.

business school admission essay 20/03/2014 11:12

cher ailleurs schéma étonnante , comme ration vigueur convenable accompagnant pensées convenable ailleurs des images , des multiples de grande infos également incitation , tant que je réclame , blesss à l'invitation d'une telle info bénéfique

Liliane 17/01/2010 20:26

I like the idea of blogger face off

Riyadh 15/01/2010 12:06

Comparing the left and right column this somehow looks like women DO talk more than men lol

Interesting interview though - thanks!


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