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15 octobre 2009 4 15 /10 /octobre /2009 07:29

Today is Blog Action Day
which means that nearly 8,000 blogs from all around the world are posting climate-change content today.

Climate change impacts nearly all aspects of our lives, from business and technology to food, transportation and travel;


But how are we living it in Lebanon?


Actually I really believe that there’s no real awareness of the subject in Lebanon;


I would like to give you examples from my daily life:


-          Like in my dorm where I’m living now, when I come home after work I see the lights ON in the living room, the kitchen, the WC, even the balcony and no one is even in the house

  People we should save energy!!


-          All the traffic jams in the morning and in the afternoon are because almost every individual in every house has his own car, and they all go to work individually.

Not to forget that the amount of BIG CARS which are not environmentally friendly

is really increasing

→    We should go together to work, universities… Or use buses, “service”….


-          Rare are the individuals, companies that are recycling their papers…

  We should start recycling immediately, and I recently knew that SUKLEEN can take care of all your recycling materials, you just have to contact them!!


-          Where are our green forests?? They’re disappearing year by year

  We should start planting more trees


-          How many of you while brushing their teeth, doing the dishes… keep the tap open?? Almost everyone

We should save water

…. And many more


But there’s also one very important issue that we have to handle:


Climate change poses the greatest danger not to polar bears, not to glaciers or beaches, but to our kids. Their world, if you read the scientific predictions, is one where the Southwest is a dust bowl; 30 percent of the planet's species go extinct; 200 million people become climate refugees. And those are the relatively moderate scenarios--there are also the scientists who, looking back over millions of years' worth of geologic evidence, suggest that the last time we had carbon levels like those we're headed for now, sea levels were 80 to 130 feet higher than they are today. 




Empowering Youth to Cool the Earth


Kids vs. Global Warming is a non profit organization founded and led by Alec Loorz, who is now 14 years old.  We are a group of kids that Educate other kids about the science of global warming and Empower them to take action.


Through educational presentations, community activism projects, multi-media, and leadership training, we empower youth to use their voice, and remind kids that WE MATTER! And there really is something we do something about global warming.





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dissertation 07/11/2009 10:43

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

Liliane 15/10/2009 12:18

I didn't know about kids vs global warming :)


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