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Darine Sabbagh











{please credit this photo to Naeema Zarif}



Blog: http://theidentitychef.com/


Rami Fayoumi 


Blog: http://www.plus961.com/


1- How long have you been blogging?

Since August 2009, but I also had a personal blog back in university.

I initially started blogging at rfayoumi.wordpress.com in April 2007, so it’s been 2 years and a half now.

2- How many hours per day do you dedicate to the blog?

I am always thinking about my blog, writing posts in my head. Unfortunately, I don’t always have time, to fully research all, and type them down. On average I would say that it’s at least 1 hour per day…

Well it depends on how busy I am during the day, some days pass without even looking at the blog stats, while at other times I spend long hours searching for new Wordpress plugins to enhance the blog and/or preparing some posts to be published later.

On average, I can say it’s 1 hour per day.

3- Has it been worth it so far?

Definitely worth it! It’s a great mental exercise, an amazing networking tool, and an extension of who you are… (at least for me)

Given the feedback I get through the comments section on the blog and when some readers meet me in person, definitely yes!

4- How many page views does your blog get daily?

Anywhere from 50 to 300 depending if there are new posts or whether the issue covered is concurrent.


5- How many blogs do you have or write for currently?

Only the Identity Chef, if you don’t count twitter.


6- How many hours do you dedicate to them every day?

Aside from writing and researching posts - Automatically log-in in the morning and manically check for new comments after lunch and dinner J


7- Do you think one needs to post daily to be successful?

Not at all, though you do get more traffic, the more you post. Nevertheless, if your posts are not well researched, appealing and timely, you will soon lose your readers’ gusto. Plus readers don’t always have the physical time to check in and read every day.

At the beginning yes you need to post very frequently (while maintaining quality of course) because that’s what will basically drive traffic to your blog.

At a later stage, you can decrease the frequency rate at which you’re posting since not only frequent visitors will be checking on your blog at that time, but also people coming through search engine.

8- Is there an ideal posting frequency?

Three posts a week is ideal, but certainly, you should adjust that depending on your subject matter and audience.

I personally prefer a schedule of 5 times a week (Monday to Friday). Although I don’t abide by it.

9- What is the biggest blogging mistake you did?

Not having enough time to post some very interesting observations, and timely posts. But there is no right or wrong in a blog, as long as it ads to your learning curve. But I really had a bad day when I saw all the negative comments on my AUCE rebranding post(http://identitychef.wordpress.com/2009/09/17/a-bad-case-of-transition-branding-ce-becomes-auce/), which was compensated by through the roof traffic and a lot of support from my readers. Plus, I had a great takeaway: Always have a disclaimer, so you don’t feel guilty about editing and deleting “unethical” comments.

I think it’s back in April 2008 when I stopped updating +961 for a while.

10- What is the biggest mistake you see in blog designs?


When I like a blog, I directly subscribe to its feed, so the design does not matter that much, as long as you can contact the author, follow his tweets and comment with ease. I don’t appreciate when someone’s RSS feeds do not reflect the full content and not being able to see the comment counts in the feed itself.

-         When you do not include a link to your archive

-         When you throw advertisement blocks everywhere on your blog

-         When you don’t include a search box

11- Twitter is a distraction or a good promotional tool?

Twitter is a great promotional tool for your blog and your personal brand! It is also a fantastic way to meet like minded people and get timely information on subjects you like! ( I can rant about the benefits of twitter on and on and on…)

For a blogger, it’s certainly a promotional tool.


12- Do you think that any professional should have a blog?

Definitely, as I said a blog is a good mental exercise. It is also a good way to show off how you think, what you know, and what you are interested in. A blog will also help you develop your thoughts and, of course, your personal brand and build a community around it! Moreover, I believe every business should have a blog…

If he/she has enough time to do it, yes I am totally professional blogging. People would benefit a lot from professionals’ articles and experience.

13- If you could give an advice for a novice blogger, what would it be?

Try to find a subject that you are passionate about, a niche that is unexplored or not covered enough, and do not fear – enjoy! And if you are feeling confused, there’s an infinite numbers of resources to help you! And don’t feel discouraged by the numbers; it’s about the quality, not the quantity!

Read other blogs, especially the famous ones, you can learn a lot about blogging by observing what they do.

14- What is the secret of your success, expressed in one word?

Well… I am not very comfortable with the word success... What I believe that whatever you do, you should always be honest, passionate and true to yourself. In blogging, if you post about something that intrigues and interests you, I am sure you’ll find others who will be interested to read it, and even if not, you need to remember why you are doing it.

I prefer to answer this question when my blog becomes much more popular.

15- If you could write a post on any blog in the world, which one would you pick?

Either Penelope Trunk’s blog  (http://blog.penelopetrunk.com)or the Hubspot blog(http://blog.hubspot.com/). Both of these blogs have taught me so much and they both have such an amazing voice!

Lebanon: HummusNation.net

World: MakeUseOf.com



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