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Two days ago, and as a continuation of its Keep Walking concept of progress which commenced more than a decade ago, Johnnie Walker launched its global campaign “Walk With Giants” and its new local campaign “Keep Walking Lebanon”. To celebrate the launch, an exclusive reception was held to announce this year’s local giant, Bernard Khoury. The event took place at BO18, the venue that marked the debut of Bernard's challenging journey to becoming the celebrated Lebanese architect we know today.




The "Keep Walking" philosophy serves as a tribute to masculine progress by encouraging individual achievement, overcoming obstacles, and celebrating the milestones of success. Even during the most challenging of times, the brand has stood for ambition, determination, and progress, continuously encouraging them to push forward.


Through the “Walk With Giants” campaign, Johnnie Walker chronicles the inspirational journeys of men who have overcome challenging obstacles and ultimately achieving stellar success because they held on to their vision.


Following the footsteps of international figures, including Sir Richard Branson, entrepreneur and  founder of Virgin group, Jenson Button, who struggled to stay in the Formula 1 race and later went on to win the 2009 World Championship, Marc Herremans who overcame a spinal injury to win the Ironman challenge, Lewis Hamilton, who in 2008 became the youngest Formula 1 driver to ever win the title, and now Bernard Khoury, whose struggle as a visionary architect  against the odds resulted in a story that is truly inspirational.


Upon his graduation from the Rhode Island School of Design in New York, Bernard Khoury returned to Lebanon in the early 1990s to participate in the reconstruction efforts that were in full swing. But like all exceptional journeys, he was faced with tremendous hurdles along the way. Categorized as too bold, unconventional, and unwilling to compromise his architectural vision and philosophy, Bernard’s projects were relegated to staying on paper. However, Bernard was determined to face the challenges and overcome the odds, and he achieved this by designing his first architectural landmark: B018. This architectural marvel began as an empty space that evolved into one of the most recognized entertainment venues in Lebanon, allowing the architect's unique talent to be acknowledged. The impressive structure had successfully garnered great acclaim and media attention not just on a local scale but also on the international stage. Thus, BO18 set the path for Bernard Khoury, with many of his creations becoming landmarks and his name as an architect becoming world-renowned. It is through stories like these that the “Walk With Giants” campaign aims to connect with Johnnie Walker consumers to inspire them. By sharing stories of others who have accomplished amazing milestones in their lives, Johnnie Walker showcases everything that the brand stands for: progress, a pioneering spirit and personal achievement in the face of high obstacles.





And this is me on Johnnie Walker's wall of fame 


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Chanty 23/12/2010 09:24

Thank you once again 


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