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22 septembre 2010 3 22 /09 /septembre /2010 15:19


After coming back from my holiday i've been really full with positive energy and somehow i was using it on Make-up!




So why is it on Make-up?


I always heard the guys in Lebanon saying that Lebanese women wear a lot of make-up, Europeans don't!

Well I've been in Europe and I saw with my own eyes that European women DO Wear Make-up EVERY single DAY!!

But the thing is they wear it in a moderate way and without using the flashy mashy, light bulbs colors!!

So on this point I agree with you guys... But i still insist Europeans wear make-up but in a simple way!! 


OK so I was wearing make-up everyday in Germany  and since i got back but in a different way, especially after that I visited the  Givenchy stand in  ABC Achrafieh and the guy there was really helpful and gave me a lot of handful beauty tips, and it seemed really working with me because i was really getting good vibes from the ladies around me   so i though why not sharing things with you.


My love for Givenchy started when i saw Liv Tyler in that very irresistible Red Lipstick  "Rouge Interdit"



Don't you just love this color?? 



Today i will start with The lips


If you have small lips or one lip thinner than the other, i think it's preferable if you draw a contour from the outside of the lip to give it more volume.


If you want a vibrant color, then it's a good idea if you color all your lip with the contour and then apply the lipstick or the gloss.


Now to go back to the title, what to choose Gloss or Lipstick?


To answer this question, first it depends on the style and on the age of the person, some consider gloss for teenagers and young girls and Lipstick for adults.


You can check this interesting article by Psychologies magazine    "The great lipstick/lip gloss debate" 


As for me i think it doesn't matter with age, it depends on the mood, the occasion and the clothes you are wearing.

For everyday use i think gloss is perfect but if you have a special meeting at work you can wear Lipstick and add a thin layer of gloss to make it more alive!


So what do you think Ladies? I would love to have your feedbacks?

And Men also, don't be shy!! what do you like more on your girlfriend/ fiancée/ wife??



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Posh 28/09/2010 12:46

I am loving Clarins lipsticks and lipliners! I wanted a trendy pink for my lips so I looked into MAC, Shiseido, Guerlain, and Clarins (at ABC Dbayeh). And I picked Clarins because not only was
the color great (Miami Pink 103) but also for the consistency and texture - it's even moisturizing some how!

Chanty 28/09/2010 13:05

Indeed some of their lipsticks are moisturizing at the same time!!

I'm a client of ABC Achrafieh, I became friends with Carla the salesperson, she is really helpful and gives me the products that suits me best, not just wants to sell the products!


Posh 27/09/2010 18:39

I prefer lipgloss. But I enjoy sometimes using contour pens for a dry effect or lipstick for a middle effect. I am currently enjoying the Clarins Rouge Prodige 103 (Miami Pink) and 117 (Sunset).

Chanty 28/09/2010 08:01

I am a Clarins lover myself   Don't u love the diversity of colors they have & yet you can stay

Marie 23/09/2010 08:48

I hate lipstick and I hate contour! I usually never wear it. If I had to, it would be very discrete, preferably
a gloss with a color similar to my lips.

Chanty 23/09/2010 08:53

Contour can be really annoying sometimes especially the old fashioned style with dark colors like black or brown..eugh...reminds me of vampires!

But you can just add a thin line of a natural color just to precise the lips, you won't even notice it 


Emilie 22/09/2010 19:52

IL me semble que tout est question d'eclairage! pour cela il y a maquillage du soir et maquillage du jour. En Europe il fait 75% du temps gris!!! sur une peau pale... pas fameux.

Beside: Aucune femme adulte ou presque ne vit sur les crochets de ses parents, ses freres, son copain etc.. donc elles utilisent leur argent pour payer les utilites de la vie, ca laisse une
petite marge pour toute autre fantaisie... je vis en Europe je sais ce que c'est...

That's what I think :-s

Chanty 23/09/2010 08:09

Je comprends ce que tu dis! C'est ca en fait ce que plusieurs filles m'ont indiqué, qu'elles sont trop blanches alors elles ont besoin de quelque chose pour leur donné un peu d'eclat. 

Et moi je ne suis pas en train de critiquer les Européenes, c'est juste pour dire aux mecs Libanais que toutes les filles se maquillent!! c'est normal!! 


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  • Cosmetics freak, Beauty admirer, Fashion lover, Outdoor Activities spirited, Tea enthusiastic, Bachata passionate, left-handed & fun :)

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