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9 mars 2011 3 09 /03 /mars /2011 14:32


Summer is almost here, we will be hitting the beaches soon, most of us are now trying to find ways to take off the few kilos we gained during winter.

I was watching TV yesterday and there was a very interesting program on M6 channel, among their topics they talked about how to get a perfect butt.


One of the most hard muscles to work with is the ass, because it's a big muscle that needs lots of work-out and shaping.

For the active ladies who don't want to go to the gym, here's few exercises that you can do at home:

- Squats:


Squats are one of the best exercises that you can do for your hips, butt and thighs and they're also a functional exercise, helping us build strengh for a variety of daily activities.


- Using the stairs:



If you have a staircase in your home, you can get a great workout by simply climbing the stairs.

 Using the stairs is a very good exercise, but it's more efficient if we go two stairs at a time. 


And to double your workout, you can buy one of those Toning Shoes, they are everywhere now, you can find them at:

- Reebok:



- MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology):



- And Sketchers:



For the lazy women out there who don't feel like exercising, there are other ways to give your butt the shape you want. You can camouflage it, by wearing panties that magically lift your butt 


Bottom lined boy short, it lifts your butt and shapes your hips, flattens the abdomen, reduces the waist.

Shhh...don't tell the boys about it!


Hope my post was helpful to you and take care from the storm 




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Miss Farah 18/03/2011 16:11

I love the reebok shoes ive been seeing the commercial i wanna get one asap :)

Chanty 21/03/2011 10:15

Yeah the ad was everywhere, even in Geant there was a stand where you can try your own size & go walk in the mall to see if it works 

Danielle 11/03/2011 18:23

Great tips!  Off to firm up my bum now!

Chanty 13/03/2011 12:41

Glad you liked the post!! 

Maria 11/03/2011 11:41

Bravo Shanty , you found solutions for everyone , love the subject

and thanks for reminding us that we need to excercice .

Chanty 11/03/2011 14:38

Thanks Maria & Start moving 

Life with Subtitles 09/03/2011 18:53

I don't think that last one qualifies as "panties".

And good luck wearing it on the beach :P

Chanty 10/03/2011 08:20

Loooolll... Surely can't make it to the beach with that 


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  • Cosmetics freak, Beauty admirer, Fashion lover, Outdoor Activities spirited, Tea enthusiastic, Bachata passionate, left-handed & fun :)

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