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24 février 2012 5 24 /02 /février /2012 13:46


Lara Scandar, the New Herbal Essences' Brand Ambassador, launched her new CD on Friday, February 10th 2012 at Beirut Souks.




And I had  the chance to have a one on one interview with her   Check it out: 

Question 1: How did your career start?

Lara Scandar answer: I always liked singing until I joined Star Academy 6 in 2009, and this is how I was known.


Question 2:  Was Star Academy a good experience for you?

Lara Scandar answer: Yes, it was a very good experience for me a bit stressful but when you're prepared for the stress it becomes worth it.

Question 3: Have you thought of representing a Brand from before?

Lara Scandar answer: Well I though that eventually it will happen, but I didn't think it will happen early in my career, so I consider myself Lucky!

Question 4: How did you become the Ambassador of Herbal Essences shampoo?

Lara Scandar answer: Well, Herbal Essences talked to me, I know the brand and I trust it, so we worked together. My 3rd music video was for Herbal Essences.

Question 5: What's the topic of your Album, can you tell us more about it?

Lara Scandar answer: This is my first album called "About A Girl", I worked hard on it for two years and a half. There are songs in English, Arabic and Italian. One song is for Herbal Essences and three songs from the album were written by me.

The album contains fun songs and personal songs.



Question 6: Why did you choose to come to Lebanon to launch your CD?

Lara Scandar answer: For me Lebanon is my second home, my mom is Lebanese. And because of the situation in Egypt, I wanted to launch it in a country important for me after my own country.

For me Lebanon is like Egypt.

Question 7: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Lara Scandar answer: I don't look that far in the future


Question 8:  Are you open to the idea of collaborating with other singers of your choice?

Lara Scandar answer: Yes, sure!

Question 9: What's the motto/advice you live by?

Lara Scandar answer: Live for the moment and expect what's unexpected.


Question 10: What's your favorite song that you like to sing in bars/ car/ elevator...?

Lara Scandar answer: I don't have a specific song, it depends on what's stuck in my mind, and for the moment it's the Herbal Essences song.

Question 11: Would you like to add something to all your Lebanese Fans?

Lara Scandar answer: The Lebanese fans are the most supportive group, and Lebanon has a different place in my Heart than other countries.





For more information on the latest with Lara Scandar and for photos from the CD launching, you can check her Facebook Page.


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23 janvier 2012 1 23 /01 /janvier /2012 11:07


Benchmark hosted the first open house of 2012 for all its project owners on Thursday January 5, 2012, at the Wadi Hills Residences, Downtown Beirut. This event was held in one of the beautiful and spacious duplexes, where all home owners were invited to meet and greet their neighbors and the Benchmark development team. The evening was a social gathering, where the owners were also invited to visit a fully furnished simplex apartment, to visualize and start planning the look and feel of their new homes.

Benchmark is a visionary developer that considers projects as more than just a product of architectural and engineering feats. At the core of Benchmark’s philosophy is social responsibility. Benchmark actively seeks to contribute to the improvement of quality of life of the residents in each of its projects. Its first offering is through Wadi Hills Residences, Benchmark’s first project in Lebanon that provides a luxury gated community covering nearly 8000 square meters of land. Made up of 7 low-rise apartment buildings, with intensively landscaped gardens, the project offers an outdoor safe environment and exclusive private living in downtown Beirut.


This standout project offers its residents a unique urban community very much represented during the event. Guests mingled and socialized as they discussed their new homes over canapes & cocktails, and the jazz band on hand accompanied the night with a soothing soulful vibe. The charming setting and the exquisite design of the apartment combined to deliver a friendly convivial atmosphere, worthy of any real open house for a residential community.

"We felt it was important for Benchmark to introduce itself to all the future residents and owners of Wadi Hills, and introduce them to their neighbors" stated Zina Dajani, Managing Director of Benchmark Development. "Wadi Hills aims to be a beacon of community living in the real estate sector, allowing people to live in a luxurious gated residential community, that was designed with inspirational care and developed with the highest standards and quality" added Mr. Bassim Halaby, CEO. "It was also very pleasant to finally be able to meet everyone and have the owners all say such wonderful things about the project. Wadi Hills promises to be a vibrant community, offering a new lifestyle to its residents, their friends and family.”

Wadi Hills Residences is a project managed by Benchmark. There are still several apartment sizes available (250/350/480m2) and our helpful sales team are at your service if you might have any questions. For more information please visit www.wadihills.com

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30 septembre 2011 5 30 /09 /septembre /2011 08:53



أول شي صباحو!

اليوم السرفيس لي دلينا مدري أدي تا لإيني يجيبنا على الشغل قرر يوقف يشتري قطعة للسيارة . 

ما حنتأخر كتير، بس خمس دقائق 

من بعد شي 7 - 10 دقائق رجع وعم بكرفت ، قال أنا إذا عدوي بنصحو يفل من هل بلد 

ليش يا عمو؟؟

قال هيدي القطعة بصيدا حقا 3500 ل.ل. يعني الجوز ب7000 ل.ل.

اي ببيروت صار بدو فيون   12 $  معقول؟؟ وهي ذاتا  القطعة ما تغير فيا شي  !! 

معقول يا عمو؟؟ بركن هايدي غير ماركة؟؟ 

لا لا هي ذاتا، لو الأصلية كنت جبتا ، أصلاً أنا ما بحب حط غير قطع أصلية لسيارتي!!  


أخدنا الاوتستراد وعلقنا بالعجقة وأخيراً وصلنا على الشغل هلق صار بدو الاسنسور يلعب معنا، من 0 ل -2 رجع  لل 0 بعدين لل 4 وأخيراً وصلنا عل 5 


و ما قلنالكٌ Thank God It's Friday !! 

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24 mars 2010 3 24 /03 /mars /2010 12:22


1000’s of job opportunities in all sectors and levels



For its 10th consecutive year,FORWARD is here again, providing a viable platform for all players in the economic arena to share their ideas and coordinate their actions. FORWARD 2010 will take place at BIEL-Beirut from March 25th until the 28th, from 4 to 10PM.

Some of the latest facts about this year’s edition: 

FORWARD 2010 edition became larger than previous ones, with more than 7000 sqm of space and around 140 Leading Companies participating. Kindly check the forum website for the full list of exhibitors: www.forwardforum.com.


FORWARD 2010 offers more than 5000 job vacancies for Lebanon and abroad in all fields i.e. Engineering, Distribution, Retail, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Media, Hospitality, IT & Telecom, Industry, Agriculture and others…


FORWARD 2010 provides jobs for all level of candidates from Junior to Mid & Senior with packages varying between 10,000 USD/Year till 240,000USD/Year.


- In celebration of its 10th edition, FORWARD 2010 has expanded to include more exhibitors, more workshops, and a brand new section aimed at providing individuals as well as new and growing companies with a complete array of business support services. This new space will give you the opportunity to buy and learn about new business products and services, including  financial and  infrastructure solutions, consultancy opportunities, and other professional services.


- Furthermore, and with FORWARDs’ new services and activities at the Career Services Pavilion you can get “personalized advice” to avoid undesired pitfalls in the professional world and to find your matching career.


Whether you are unemployed looking for a job or employed but looking for a better opportunity; 


Whether you are a Lebanese resident or a Lebanese expat who just came back home, we are looking forward to welcoming you at FORWARD 2010!


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25 juin 2009 4 25 /06 /juin /2009 10:28
Je suis partie hiers apres-midi, à Dora pour acheter un sac à main pour ma mère.
Elle m'avait indiqué le magasin et le sac qu'elle voulait:
Je suis entrée, j'ai demandé au Monsieur s'il a d'autres couleurs, mais il n'en avait pas. Alors j'ai dit OK, je le prends.
Je paie, sa petite fille est à la caisse, elle parle le francais, il lui dit de me rendre de la monnaie.
Je quitte, en disant Merci, il me dit, une seconde, il choisit une petite bague Kitty et me la donne!!

Sympa...Non :) 

J'ai fait ma recherche sur internet, et j'ai vu que Kitty a une grande collection de bijoux: Bagues, Porte-clés,...
en argent et meme diamant!!


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17 juin 2009 3 17 /06 /juin /2009 13:41

I went on Monday to Al Rifaii roastery to buy some nuts & i found out these yummy healthy " ka3ek bi debess" that contain no sugar, no eggss,...

===================== LIGHT :)


& they also have these yummyyyyyyyy MACADAMIA nuts , plain & cheesy :)




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