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24 août 2012 5 24 /08 /août /2012 11:34


Everyone parties in Beirut, but not everyone knows how to throw a party. The Revolution* Beirut will deliver an unforgettable experience free from hangovers and bad music...




The Revolution* Beirut supports/promotes local DJs. Funky, Electro, Indie, and groovy music will be played all night long keeping you move it move it... 


To note that The Revolution* Beirut is a members-only event, members should have The Revolt* Card.

The Revolt* Card grants you access to The Revolution* Beirut parties. Only card holders will be invited to the parties, and will benefit from discounts.


How does the Card work?

Once at your disposal, you need to activate the card either by scanning the QR code and entering your unique key on our Facebook page or by visiting us on The Revolution Beirut page. Once the card activated, make sure to present it each time you attend The Revolution* gigs to accumulate points and enjoy the numerous privileges.




You can check The Revolution* website for more information and photos, Like their Facebook Page and Follow them on Twitter!


Bring on your swimsuits and get ready for some real summer fun at La Plage! 

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14 mai 2012 1 14 /05 /mai /2012 21:37


Summer is here and all the summer hotspots in Beirut are opening up!

One of the hottest spots opened last Thursday (May 10th, 2012) and it's Amethyste the Phoenicia’s outdoor chill-out lounge.




amethyste-opening-021.jpgPhoto courtesy of Beirut Night Life 

The weather was perfect for a night out, we enjoyed a delicious buffet, exotic and signature cocktails. The music was really easy to the ears, Live band, DJ and some Latino dancing   





Photos courtesy of Beirut Night Life 




Amethyste is the ideal escape for a few cocktails before a night out in the town, or just relaxing by the pool as the sun sets before your eyes. DJ’s playing every evening 


This season will be full of events at Amethyste:


DJ Johnny Promotion - Every Friday & Saturday  from 8pm till midnight and  Happy hour from 6 till 8 pm  / Every  Sunday from 1pm till 5pm.

BBQ-Sunset Sensation - Feel the sunset vibes & come chill out around the pool with our special BBQ station from 7 pm till midnight  with our Whisky Mist girls dancing show in cowboy style. Refresh yourself with beers and shots from our bartender’s special -First Friday of every month starting June. 


Salsa Tango Night - Once per month starting  June from 8 pm until 12 am


Coming to Lebanon for the summer vacation... Now you know where to go to 

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24 août 2011 3 24 /08 /août /2011 17:44


I was on vacation last week and I spent most of the time touristing in Lebanon with my family and friends. I'm going to share with you few shots of some of the places we went and the things we did.

It started with "Eid El Saydeh" when we visited "Saydet El Nouryeh" or "Our Lady of Light" in Chekka.


This is a shot of the beach taken from up


Picture of a small boat in the clear blue water



This is my nephew standing on his hands 


A day with friends on the beach: Pierre & Friends


Jounieh old souk


Telepherique in Jeita Grotto


حارس الزمن  or Time keeper 



Garden in Jeita



Air balloon in my nephew's summer camp



Getting the air balloon ready for all the kids! 



And with the extream heat, can't not have a frisco in Bourj Hammoud 


How are you spending you summer??

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6 juin 2011 1 06 /06 /juin /2011 10:33

I attended on Saturday a marvelous concert of Natacha Atlas ans Soumaya Baalbacky, it was part of the Beirut Music and Art festival.

I knew their names but wasn't really familiar with all their songs.

 soumaya baalbaki-360x260


natasha atlas-360x260


Soumaya Baalbacky started the concert, she was so elegant with the lovely white dress Monroe style, the red wasn't on her lips, it was a flower in her hair.

She has really amazing voice and style, her band is awesome as well.

Even though there was a small technical problem, she acted well and kept the concert moving.



We took a small break and Natacha Atlas went on stage.

Loved her black abaya kinda dress, she also had flowers in her hair.

It seems that Flowers are very IN this season.

I was more familiar with her songs, her voice is really awesome, didn't know that she could barely speak arabic.

I also got to know that she's a really good belly dancer, I should check her work more and maybe learn some steps from her 

Her band is also really amazing a mix of Egyptian, Armenian, British and Lebanese.


I'm really glad I attended the concert, it was great a great experience.

I'll leave you now with one of Natacha Atlas songs that I like a lot



Happy Monday everyone

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15 septembre 2010 3 15 /09 /septembre /2010 08:49




There was a fundraising event yesterday for the Lebanese Center For Human Rights, and it was the screening of "12 angry Lebanese" a documentary by Zeina Daccache and it was held at Metropolis Empire Sofil.


Over 15 months, Zeina Daccache, a theatre director, developed Lebanon’s first prison-based drama project so inmates at Roumieh Prison could present an adaptation of  Reginald Rose's courtroom play, Twelve Angry Men


You can watch the trailer here:




It was a nice documentary, showing the state of the prison from inside, the state of the prisoners when they have no goal and waiting to end their sentence.


So after the documentary, my friends and I  (we were 9 in total) went to Shtrumpf - Achrafieh branch since it was near Sofil and they were supposed to be having the "Beer Festival" from September 10 till 19.


When we got there and the waiter took our order, she didn't even tell us that the Beer festival was only in Jounieh, i knew about it from my Twitter friends JimRamK and Mallydobb .

And God this waiter was so unprofessional, you can't imagine how unprofessional she was.

She couldn't memorize our orders, who ordered normal beer or Mexican beer, and I have no clue why she didn't like me from the beginning. She didn't want to give my beer, nor gloves for my chicken wings 


The service was so bad on so many levels, like the food is here but no gloves to eat, the gloves are here the food was already cold. Where's my beer? I have no clue... after I dunno how much time my beer comes but in a broken glass!! I was like WTF ...but somehow I managed to stay calm!! Then i wanted a refill of my wings...hohooooo...it took like ages.....

We asked the waiter, what is taking you so long?

She replied: They are preparing them!

At this moment I couldn't hold myself anymore, BOUM   

She took my broken glass and changed it, then came my refill of hot potato wedges and chicken wings!

But after what? my mood was so not in Beer festival anymore 



I dunno what is happening in Shtrump, but I know they were much better before, and now they lost 9 customers!!


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7 septembre 2010 2 07 /09 /septembre /2010 11:33


During my trip to Germany, my sister and I went for three days to Paris.


Paris was so different, the weather was great  the sun was shining, there were lots of tourists everywhere!! It was a hell of three days.

We arrived during the day and we didn't want to miss anything,

 IMG 0192




We walked all along the "Champs Elysée" which was very crowded, all the cafes were full with people, passed by the shops, then we reached the "Arc de  Triomphe" which honors those who fought for France, particularly during the Napolenic Wars. 








Then we walked till we reached... girls best place... Galerie "La fayette" 



Wwwoowwwwww...it was unbelievable!! the best brands ever, from shoes to clothes, to bags, to accessories, food...

It was amazing!! we spent so much time there.... it was insane!! 


The crowd...I really can't describe it, even some shops had barriers to monitor the entries to their shop!!




Then at night we went to visit the Famous... "Eiffel Tour" ofcourse!! It was amazing!!!!   






But thank god my sister's friend who bought the tickets in advance, because you can't imagine the line!! 

So we went all the way up and the view...incredible... you could see everything from the sky... awesome!!

And afterwards we had like a small picnic in the "Champ de Mars" ate french cheese with french wine under the stars!! I guess it's a lovely place for lovers 












The second day was also legendary... we went to "Chateau de Versailles" it was such a huge castle with an even huger garden with lovely fountains      

IMG 0215   IMG 0260


It took us almost all day to visit everything in the castle, and it took all our energy also!! 




And i will show you the third day in pictures

IMG_0365.jpg IMG_0367.jpg


IMG_0369.jpg                      IMG_0372.jpg


IMG_0376-copie-1.jpg      IMG_0391.jpg


IMG_0401.jpg              IMG_0402.jpg







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6 septembre 2010 1 06 /09 /septembre /2010 12:13


For my summer vacation this year, i went to visit my sister who is living in Germany and it was my first visit! And since it was in August, which is considered as High season, i couldn't find a normal ticket so i had a Business class ticket  

After bring dropped at the airport by my other two sisters and my lovely nephew ofcourse, i had the occasion to spend some time at the airport lounge until my plane takes off 

Once i'm in the plane, of course i got very good service; champagne as welcome drink, then wine and some nuts, and after a while a hot meal with wine of course, then dessert...  

I was on the Czech airlines, so i had a stop in Prague before reaching Germany. When i first reached Prague airport and looked all around me and saw all the Blond people everywhere i was like "Am I in heaven already" 

Took a walk in the airport and then searched for my gate and waited for my flight. As i was looking around me, almost everybody was READING while waiting for their flights!! which is something really rare to see in Lebanon, unfortunately 

But my second flight, from Prague to Germany was really unpleasant, although i was still Business Class! But it wasn't the airline's mistake, it was the weather's   it was raining with thunder!! I barely could eat my cheese, and when i looked to see what the economy class were eating, poor they, they barely had a muffin  

Finally i'm in Hamburg, saw my sister   went home and ate her yummy soup she had prepared for me. Since it was late, I went to bed to be prepared to go to the city the next day!!!  

So we woke up & headed to the city!!! But of course it was raining and grey, not really what i had expected!

IMG 0094


















While we were walking in the city, i felt like the Hamburger was following me everywhere  Hamburger here, Hamburger there...



 Well i was really in Hamburg!! 















Then it was lunch time, and of course i had to taste the famous Wurst,


IMG 0103 

 IMG 1105-1-copie-1  












      I had a Curry Wurst, it was Yummy!



















And since it was raining almost all the time when i was there, we had no choice but to go shopping  and it was mostly in the Mönckerbergstraße, which is a really famous shopping street. 

When the weather was a bit better, we had a walk along the Alster 

IMG 0164IMG 0175



It was such a lovely calm place, you could see lots of people running, walking with their dog, or maybe just relaxing on the lovely green grass and reading a book!! It's a really nice  place to visit when in Hamburg. 










My sister also took me to the speicherstadt












 which is the world largest timber-pile founded warehouse district of the world, it is located in the port of Hamburg, within the Hafen city quarter.



















I also went with my sister to her university and got the chance to visit the library. Man!! it was a Real Library, so Huge with so many books and places for students to study and use the computers. And it was full most of the time and it was summer!! Too bad i didn't take any picture!!

I really wish universities in Lebanon encourage their students to come and sit in the library to study or search for info. It's something we really miss in Lebanon. 


On my last night in Hamburg, we went to a bar called "20up" which was also in the Hafen city. It's a bar on the 20th floor from a very fancy hotel, where you can see the port at night with all the ships, and that night a "Aida" ship was passing by, it was so charming. I really don't think the view will ever be erased from my memory.....

Couldn't take pictures with all the chic people around.


On my was back home, I wanted time to pass so quickly to see my family, my friends and to be back to my job 







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13 août 2010 5 13 /08 /août /2010 14:45

Dear Lovely Readers,


I would like to inform you that I am going on vacation till September 2nd, i can't promise you that i will blog during this period but i will try my best!!




Hope you also have good times where ever you are!


Take care.......

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22 juillet 2010 4 22 /07 /juillet /2010 14:52


Amadeus Awad  is a Lebanese Metal Guitarist, which i had a chance to go to his latest concert which was last week in "The Quadringle pub - Hazmieh" 

It was really an amazing concert, specially that the music they played was an improvisation.









You can see the page of the event on Facebook here and since the concert was covered by Lebmetal.com you can see the event on their website also.

What interested me most during the concert, was the distribution of BETA (Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) flyers. 

BETA is a Lebanese Charitable Organization which Mission is "to ensure that one day all the animals in Lebanon will get the chance to live the life they deserve because it's their planet too... "

And there are many ways to help them, you can donate, adopt, sponsor, volunteer or even make a wish come true!

This is the bag of one of the sweet ladies who were talking to us about the organization  Photo0561.jpg

How cute!!


But what i didn't really get is, in what way pets are related to Metal??













I'll leave with this nice song that i like since i was a kid  

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17 septembre 2009 4 17 /09 /septembre /2009 09:54
I was invited yesterday night to a house party in Achrafieh, by a french colleague Camille who works with the "Lebanese Centre for Human Rights"
I went with my other colleague  Mary, the assistant in Nassim Centre, we took a "service" and searched for her house.
it was a nice apartment, clean with nice furniture, her other house mates we there also with their friends.
Pablo, the spanish house mate had prepared the Sanglia and some spanish appetizers. Wine, beer and some mouajaneit, (finally something lebanese) were served.  

we were in Lebanon, in Achrafieh and i guess except of my friend & i there was 2 or 3 other lebanese and the others were all foreigners; French, American, English, Spanish, Armenian, dunno if i missed a nationality!!
Not to  forget also that the music was played by Pablo with his Spanish Windows Vista and 

Juanes-La Camisa Negra http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oh1cPFPAee4

 ;) which is one of my favourite songs!!

And they were all like connected in a way or another:
- like they live together
- or have a friend a common who's a journalist in Geneva that introduced to another friend living in Lebanon,
- or a friend in common on facebook to someone who doesn't really like facebook..... 

so it was kinda interesting to know that there's a lot of foreigners that are interested in our country and they all are actually learning our language!! 

People...Lebanese language should soon be an official language, like english, french and spanish!!

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