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18 juin 2012 1 18 /06 /juin /2012 21:33


Among the diamond Jubilee celebrations at Phoenicia hotel - Beirut, a 60's night was held last Friday at Amethyste.


The dress code was powers-tastic, british flags were everyhwere, waiters and waitresses were nicely dressed ...Music was oh..so 60's with a screen showing Austin Powers movie.








It was so much fun!! We danced and drank on the rythms of Sex bomb...(I can't get NO) Satisfaction...Light my fire...Hit the road Jack... and many more...




Thank you Phoenicia for having us, we had really great time 

It was a great week to be British! 




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12 juin 2012 2 12 /06 /juin /2012 21:01


The Great British week comes to Beirut 


The British Embassy is promoting Great Britain in Lebanon. In the year of the London Olympics and of Her Majesty the Queen’s Jubilee, they want to share with us their passion for British design, music, film, sport, heritage, innovation and business. It is all about the UK in Lebanon and the Lebanon in UK!

The first GREAT Britain week was launched Friday by the British Ambassador to Lebanon Tom Fletcher .




The week will also mark the return of the London to Beirut route on British Airways with the first flight to arrive carrying a delegation of businesspeople and journalists from the U.K.


One of the venues who are celebrating the British week is Phoenicia Hotel Beirut, with special events in their various restaurants, from the 14th till the 16th of June 2012:


  • Thursday 14th of June:  

The Dorchester Chef Dinner at Eau De Vie 

From 7:30 p.m. till 11:00 p.m.

  • Friday 15th of June:

Austin Powers party at Amethyste from 8:00 p.m. till midnight 

  • Saturday 16th of June:

·         British Art Tour in Phoenicia from 10:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m.

·         Queen Tea at Cascade from 3:00 p.m. till 6:00 p.m.

·         Whisky Tasting at Eau de Vie from 7:00 p.m. till 9:00 p.m.

·         God Save the queen party at Whisky Mist from 11:00 p.m. till 3:00 a.m. 


As there will be a display of Mini Coopers, Lotus and British artistic flags.




The sexy models wearing dresses with the British flag 



Lotus in front of Phoenicia 


It's a great week to be British! 

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28 mai 2012 1 28 /05 /mai /2012 22:27



On May 1st 2012, a new magazine was born in Lebanon ==> it's 

F / I / M ² / P





F stands for Fashion

I stands for Illustration

M stands for Music

M stands for Movies

P stands for Photography


F/I/M²/P is a Lebanese bimonthly print and digital publication that offers a space for Fashion Designers, Illustrators, Music and Movies enthusiasts and Photographers to showcase their work, express their opinion, and collaborate together in creating a visual magazine.


This issue features the work of the lovely talented Photographer Lara Zankoul in the photography part.

There's also a special part for the Bloggers, with four new Bloggers. I'm eager to see who they will introduce to us in each issue  

I'm also really interested in the Fashion part, it's good to know news about Lebanese fashion designers!


For more information, you can check their Website, Facebook Page, as you can also follow them on Twitter.




This is me with the team behind it 


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28 février 2012 2 28 /02 /février /2012 13:39


I was invited last Friday with a bunch of Tweeps/Bloggers to try the French Spirit promotion at Mosaic - Phoenicia Intercontinental hotel.




Description of Mosaic


This newly renovated restaurant, offers an ever changing variety of International and Oriental buffets with live cooking stations and generous displays of the very best cuisine in the region... The open kitchen space renders the restaurant even more exciting and engaging to all food lovers!





French Promotion Brief:



French Promotion at Mosaic




Enjoy the subtle flavors of traditional French cuisine at Mosaic restaurant from the 20th till 28th of February 2012. This newly renovated restaurant offers an ever-changing variety of International & oriental buffets with live cooking stations & generous displays of the very best cuisine in the region. The open visible kitchen space renders the restaurant even more exciting and engaging to all food lovers. This event is in collaboration with the Embassy of France in Lebanon.



Date: February 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 27th & 28th 2012


Time:  20:30 pm


Prices: $45 per person including Vat, except for Friday February 24th the price is $55 per person including Vat (Seafood Night)


Entertainment: French 60’s song CD


Decoration: A French 60’s exhibition will be held at Mosaic









It was Seafood night on Friday, we were warmly greeted and led to a table close to a window. The inside is spacious and uncrowded, highlighted with warm lightings and beautiful paintings.


Peggy, showed us the huge buffet, and whenever we had a question, the chef was ready to give us all the details we needed.

The food was amazingly amazing with it's diversity, there were fresh salads, Shrimps everywhere, Sushi, Seafood pasta, Paella... The list never ends...


2012 0087

Photo Courtesy of Sandy Ghosn




Photo Courtesy of Sandy Ghosn



Photo Courtesy of Sandy Ghosn



And laid upon the huge tables, was a déluge of mouthwatering desserts that one starts eating with the sparkling eye, before the envious tongue and teeth get to dive into...



Photo Courtesy of Sandy Ghosn




Photo Courtesy of Sandy Ghosn



Photo Courtesy of Sandy Ghosn


Hope you liked the place through the pictures I got, I'm sure you'll fall in love with it more when you visit it and see by yourself!



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19 janvier 2012 4 19 /01 /janvier /2012 09:03


Remember my post about the  Pink Link Brunch at Phoenicia Inercontinental Hotel   

 I'm sharing with you the Press Release with some pictures...



The town was painted Pink on Sunday, 8th of January 2012, Phoenicia’s Eau De Vie launched their new brunch concept, Pink Link, to great success. Guests and media were invited to a first in Beirut, as Eau De Vie was hit with a pink explosion of up-tempo, trend-setting surprises. The brunch was organized to help create another donation outlet for two charities (the May Jallad Foundation for Cancer & Faire Face) and to establish a new trend in the brunch culture in Lebanon. 

The event was a wild success, as the guests in attendance were all seeing life through rose-colored glasses. A pink themed lavish gourmet brunch was laid out, offering a huge variety of brunch staples, as well as a refined selection of international dishes.  The concept, inspired by the trendy, up-beat party brunches that are making waves in North American and Europe, was the brainchild of the new F&B director Mr. Freddy Pascal. "We wanted to deliver a completely new and almost electric concept for the EDV brunch, and allow the Lebanese to experience a convivial and refined event, yet still feel comfortable drinking the day away. After a great Saturday night, the weekend doesn't have to stop there. It keeps going till 5pm on Sunday, as we help you keep the party going", he explained. 

Pink Link offers two different formulas for brunch enthusiasts to enjoy: a $55 formula for open buffet and open bar, and an $85 formula for open buffet and free flowing Rosé Champagne. Throughout the brunch a DJ keeps the day alive with the best of modern house and a number of performers help set a very unique tone for the day with a show inspired by delicious shots. Donations for the charities are taken throughout day, and, as in any event held for a good cause, the more money raised, the better the result! Pink Link will be open from 1pm through till 5pm on designated Sundays, to find out more please check out our Facebook page for upcoming dates for this inspiring, not to be missed event.

The  Pink Link Sunday Brunch is set to become a milestone on the brunching circuit of Beirut, and will undoubtedly make a serious connection with the trendy, outgoing youth of Lebanon looking to continue their Saturday night adventures all the way till dusk on Sunday.  Steven Tyler, from the famed rock band Aerosmith, might have said it best, with a lyric from one of his biggest hits, PINK, "Pink, it's my new obsession, yeah "







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11 janvier 2012 3 11 /01 /janvier /2012 14:01


I was invited on Sunday to Pink Link Brunch at Eau de Vie, Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel.




Pink Link  is a unique and very much innovative project that the Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel is undertaking.

The brunch culture is relatively new in Lebanon, and is slowly becoming a crowd favorite with Beirutis. However, the up-tempo, upbeat brunch that would be found in other cities like New York, London, Montreal or Paris has yet to make an appearance in the city.



This is where Pink Link ’s unique offering will make a surefire dent in the nightlife circuit. The idea is to have a proper high end brunch and turn Eau De Vie into a trendy upbeat party atmosphere venue at brunch from 1pm to 5pm.

The Pink element is also to align with charities for breast cancer as this will be a charitable opportunity for fundraising.

The Donations will go to the May Jallad Foundation and Faire Face for Breast Cancer prevention.


I loved how they paid attention to all the small details, from table cloths, waiters clothes, Pink shoes with strawberries part of table decoration, Nurses costume, Pink towels in the WC with Pink lipstick on the mirrors, they even made some Lebanese sweets Pink !

The nurses idea was awesome, even the adults were enjoying   The Pink shots were everywhere and everyone wanted to try them!


Say Goodbye to boring Sundays and have a Pink Link brunch with Eau de Vie, Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel! 

Here are some pictures from the event...















You can check Phoenicia Facebook Page for more information and pictures or follow them on Twitter.


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8 décembre 2011 4 08 /12 /décembre /2011 11:01


On December 6th, the country witnessed a ground-breaking new era for the JOHNNIE WALKER® Brand when the team revealed the new ambassador for the “Walk with Giants” campaign. The Keep Walking concept of progress, has always celebrated the journeys of great men who have achieved extraordinary things. Yet, when one looks back at the influential figures throughout history that have yielded such remarkable accomplishments, the same praise can be attributed to the women who have helped shape our world. To celebrate this revelation, Diageo in collaboration with its trusted media partner Leo Burnett Beirut held an exclusive event at Mandaloun Mar Mikhael to reveal the new giant, Nadine Labaki. Nadine herself was present to receive the distinguished honor in front of a large crowd of friends, guests and media.



Even during the most challenging of times, the JOHNNIE WALKER® Brand has always epitomized ambition, determination, and progress, continuously encouraging people to excel in their respective fields. However this year, the essence of the concept was slightly altered to create a movement that would inspire Lebanon to have one voice. Change can only be achieved by a strong and united community that collectively believes in progress.

Nadine, who was born in Lebanon, ventured into the world of film making at university, although her passion for film started at a very young age. Her graduation film “11 Rue Pasteur” garnered her the Best Short Film Award in the Biennale of Arab Cinema at the Institut du Monde Arabe (Paris) in 1998. Despite her love for film, Nadine had to overcome the obstacles of a limiting movie industry in a very small Lebanese market, trying to operate in a world where people only saw her as a girl from a small country that wasn’t larger than a dot on the world map. She fought hard to change this perception, and started by directing various music videos which soon resulted in collaborating with renowned Lebanese celebrities. Several years later she received worldwide critical acclaim for her first feature film “Caramel” in 2007. It soon became evident that Nadine was determined to capture the heart of her country on film, and she even worked with actors that weren’t professionally trained, just to be able to convey the true essence of what it means to be Lebanese.

Her latest film “Where Do We Go Now?” is still sweeping awards around the globe and serves as a solid testament to her talents and dedication in a field that has the capacity to send a universal message. According to Nadine, self-belief is extremely powerful, and regardless of where you’re from, she feels we all have a voice capable of reaching the world. Nadine’s story is one that sparks hope and more importantly is a source of inspiration for others to realize that they too have the potential to succeed and inspire a nation to Keep Walking.


The JOHNNIE WALKER, KEEP WALKING and WALK WITH GIANTS words and associated logos are trade marks. ©John Walker & sons 2011

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23 novembre 2011 3 23 /11 /novembre /2011 22:17


I was invited last Wednesday to London’s most glamorous and exclusive bar and club, Whisky Mist  in Beirut’s prestigious five-star hotel, Phoenicia Beirut.




Le Paon Rouge Wednesdays makes you travel through a musical journey celebrating years of remarkable hits. Think disco balls, an extravaganza of choreographed dancers, theatrical entertainment and party favors as they revive the era of the elite!


Here are some pictures to feast your eyes...



MG 5868











Cheers to the Tweeps and Bloggers! 


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2 février 2011 3 02 /02 /février /2011 12:39


I was standing on the balcony the other day enjoying the lovely sun, and then I realized myself watching the people passing by. I was in Beirut of course, not in the mountains where i would be only watching the green trees, the birds, the cats and the blue skies.

And from my observation I could see a lot of different types of people, I could see

 - The chic lady with her suitcase walking slowly to her destination

- The chic men with lovely ties talking on their phones

- The bunch of guys going out for lunch break, or having a smoke together

- The nurses with their white blouse sitting in the back yard of the hospital for their break

- The hurried, running to his destination

- The studious girls with their books

- The delivery boys on their skinny motorcycles, going wrong way disturbing the traffic in so many ways 

- The teenagers with their headphones on, listening to their favorite music

- The bunch of girls exchanging stories and giggling on the way 

- The old lady barely holding up, trying to walk to the mini-market

- The hungry having his favorite Mankoushe 

- The sweet couples holding hands and smiling to each other

- The nervous shouting and quarreling over the phone

- The beggars, kids and adults

- The lost asking for directions

- The cute old men having a chat



Which made me think, How do I look during the day??

What's the first impression that people can have about me while walking on the streets?

Did i get it right about them?? 

What do you think?? I would like to have your feedbacks...

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10 décembre 2010 5 10 /12 /décembre /2010 09:24





Two days ago, and as a continuation of its Keep Walking concept of progress which commenced more than a decade ago, Johnnie Walker launched its global campaign “Walk With Giants” and its new local campaign “Keep Walking Lebanon”. To celebrate the launch, an exclusive reception was held to announce this year’s local giant, Bernard Khoury. The event took place at BO18, the venue that marked the debut of Bernard's challenging journey to becoming the celebrated Lebanese architect we know today.




The "Keep Walking" philosophy serves as a tribute to masculine progress by encouraging individual achievement, overcoming obstacles, and celebrating the milestones of success. Even during the most challenging of times, the brand has stood for ambition, determination, and progress, continuously encouraging them to push forward.


Through the “Walk With Giants” campaign, Johnnie Walker chronicles the inspirational journeys of men who have overcome challenging obstacles and ultimately achieving stellar success because they held on to their vision.


Following the footsteps of international figures, including Sir Richard Branson, entrepreneur and  founder of Virgin group, Jenson Button, who struggled to stay in the Formula 1 race and later went on to win the 2009 World Championship, Marc Herremans who overcame a spinal injury to win the Ironman challenge, Lewis Hamilton, who in 2008 became the youngest Formula 1 driver to ever win the title, and now Bernard Khoury, whose struggle as a visionary architect  against the odds resulted in a story that is truly inspirational.


Upon his graduation from the Rhode Island School of Design in New York, Bernard Khoury returned to Lebanon in the early 1990s to participate in the reconstruction efforts that were in full swing. But like all exceptional journeys, he was faced with tremendous hurdles along the way. Categorized as too bold, unconventional, and unwilling to compromise his architectural vision and philosophy, Bernard’s projects were relegated to staying on paper. However, Bernard was determined to face the challenges and overcome the odds, and he achieved this by designing his first architectural landmark: B018. This architectural marvel began as an empty space that evolved into one of the most recognized entertainment venues in Lebanon, allowing the architect's unique talent to be acknowledged. The impressive structure had successfully garnered great acclaim and media attention not just on a local scale but also on the international stage. Thus, BO18 set the path for Bernard Khoury, with many of his creations becoming landmarks and his name as an architect becoming world-renowned. It is through stories like these that the “Walk With Giants” campaign aims to connect with Johnnie Walker consumers to inspire them. By sharing stories of others who have accomplished amazing milestones in their lives, Johnnie Walker showcases everything that the brand stands for: progress, a pioneering spirit and personal achievement in the face of high obstacles.





And this is me on Johnnie Walker's wall of fame 


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